Anonymous asked:

my boyfriend finished his cancer treatment in october and has been fine since, but he now has a cyst and they said it could be normal and removable but it could be cancer. im so worried and i wont know until tuesday i dont know what to do. ive known him for 3 years, he was supposed to be in my class in 6th grade but was diagnosed in the summer before and didnt come to school until spring, so like ive known him for a while idk. his chances of relapse are already high, im scared..

a5sosdiary answered:

i understand how you feel completely. Relapsing is hard to deal with and it’s hard for the loved ones around you to deal with as well. My advice is to not dwell on it, and instead just do things that will make him happy. The best thing you can do is to help HIM get his mind off of things :)